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Our Parents say:

"Thanks to Russian Sitters we finally found a great Russian nanny for our son!" - Polina K.

Our Service Providers say:

"I signed up for Russian Sitters and was contacted by a family who live really close to my house. Now I am able to walk to work every day!" - Valentina B.

Job listings


Irena Frolova (North County. Escondido San Marcos, Ca 92026)
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Nata Bosheva (San Francisco, CA 94122)
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Assistant Teacher/Lead Teacher in Daycare/Preschool

Slava Leshchinsky (Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047)
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Babysitter/Mother's Helper to Help Out From Time to Time

Natasha Khrolenko (VALLEY COTTAGE, NY 10989)
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Nanny for 2 young kids in Boston

Elena Bandol (Newton, MA 02468)
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